Steel sheets have found wide-ranging applications that support various industries and the daily lives of people everywhere. These applications include automobiles, home appliances, construction materials, housing materials, beverage cans, and transformers, to name but a few. In line with worldwide economic growth, particularly in emerging nations, demand for steel sheets is steadily expanding. Metal Solutions is a very competitive supplier of steel sheets due to its ability to combine an extensive product lineup with a quick response to customer requirements of all kinds.


In pipe and tubes, Metal zSolutions boasts an integrated system covering the entire process, from development to manufacture and marketing. Based on the collective strengths supported by this system, the Company is meeting diverse customer needs in a wide range of market sectors. Metal Solutions leads its international competitors in high-grade pipe and tube for the energy industry. It develops highly-deformable pipe and tubes for pipeline applications that are able to withstand use in extremely low-temperature environments. The company also leads the world in its unique high toe angle piercer technology for seamless pipe and tube with superior high-temperature strength and resistance to corrosion for applications in oil and natural gas extraction, power generation, and the chemical industry.

Steel Plate

Metal Solutions supply steel plate contributes to improved safety of structures and higher customer productivity by supplying highly functional products manufactured with advanced technologies such as TMCP. In shipbuilding applications, the company has received high praise for such highly functional steel products as high-strength steel plate for large container vessels (EH47) and highly corrosion-resistant steel plate for oil tankers (NSGP™-1). Metal Solutions supply steel plate products are also used widely in a range of fields such as offshore structures, and in energy applications such as energy plants and wind power generation.